Partnership for Community Transformation – PACT

Partnership for Community Transformation (PACT) connects with small non-governmental organizations who work in poor communities where people have limited access to healthcare, education, and basic human needs.

  • We share the stories of our partners to give voice to those who are often unheard.
  • We raise funds to support the essential work our partners do within their communities.
  • We periodically visit our partners to witness firsthand their work, show solidarity and better share their stories of hope.
Young Children East Timor

Our Story

In 2016, inspired by Liberian seminary student, Philip Nushann, Partnership for Community Transformation was formed in Minnesota to support a community development project in Liberia, West Africa. Philip founded Center for Changing Lives – Liberia (CCLL) to address the needs of Ebola and AIDS orphans.

In 2020, PACT identified another grassroots, locally led organization in the small Southeast Asian nation of East Timor. Constantino Pinto is the director of Good Crocodile Foundation which provides healthcare, health education and other basic life-sustaining support to local communities.

PACT recognizes that great work can be accomplished when grassroots organizations – who know culturally appropriate ways to improve service to their people – have the necessary support.

PACT provides financial and moral support; our partner organizations are the hands and feet on the ground. PACT helps our partners improve their own communities by sharing their stories and inspiring people to give generously and share resources with our global partners.

We all have a role in overcoming poverty. PACT is committed to empower and build healthy and strong communities, one community at a time.