The Good Crocodile Foundation


The Good Crocodile Foundation (Fundação Lafaek Diak) is an indigenous-led non-governmental organization utilizing the strengths of the people within the communities it serves to improve life in East Timor.


Timor Mobile Clinic

A rural maternity clinic provides comprehensive midwifery care.

Kids and wash training

Health education teaches disease prevention and nutrition.

East Timor

20 remote villages served by mobile clinic.

Carou Plowing Fields

Agricultural support for subsistence farmers.

Wavers ET

Small business support for women weavers.

Educating Children

Scholarships build Good Crocodile’s long-term capacity.

East Timor

About East Timor and the Good Crocodile Foundation

East Timor, aka Timor-Leste, is a half-island nation in Southeast Asia. Following 450 years of Portuguese colonial rule and 24 years of a brutal military dictatorship by Indonesia, the Timorese people courageously voted for independence in 1999 in a UN referendum.  Despite challenges of being one of Asia’s poorest nations, the resilient Timorese people continue to focus on building a peaceful nation, with opportunities to live and grow without fear.

Constantino Pinto is the visionary and driving force of the Good Crocodile Foundation, aka Fundação Lafaek Diak. Following full independence in 2002, Constantino dreamed of ways to develop remote areas of his beloved homeland.  He was approached by leaders of the village Triloka in Baucau District. They wanted to rebuild a clinic that had been decimated through the war years, and they recognized Constantino Pinto as a person with the skills and capacity to help make this happen.  Indeed, under Constantino’s leadership and the support of local and international friends, the Good Crocodile Foundation was established in 2005.

Today the Triloka Village clinic still provides care for patients on site,  the maternity center offers safe deliveries with midwives, and mobile clinics reach people in nearly unreachable places. Partnership for Community Transformation is proud to be in relationship with the Timorese people through the Good Crocodile Foundation.

Obrigada Wain

Constantino Pinto, Founder and Director of Good Crocodile Foundation with Children