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Improve the quality of life for at-risk Liberian children and restore their hope and dignity through the love of God to empower them to actively participate in the development of their community.


Inspiring hope. Changing lives.

Center for Changing Lives – Liberia

Founded in 2016, Center for Changing Lives – Liberia (CCLL) is a non-governmental organization envisioned by Liberian community organizer and pastor, Philip Nushann, and managed by Liberian social workers and counselors to inspire hope and improve quality of life for children who have fallen through the cracks of society. These children lost either one or both of their parents to Ebola or AIDS. They have been taken in by host families but without the support of CCLL they would not receive education.


Young Girl

Tuition support for Ebola and AIDS orphans.

Smiling Mother and Daughter

Counseling and material support for CCLL children and the families who host these students.

Young Boy

Access to essential healthcare for all CCLL students.

Smiling Girl

Afterschool vocational training in cultural performance, music and tailoring.

Group of Children

Afterschool vocational training in computers and arts.



College scholarships.

CCLL - the Beginning

Philip Nushann, founder
of Center for Changing
Lives – Liberia.


Liberia’s proud and unique history includes efforts in the 1800’s of freed slaves from American to resettle in Africa and form a new country. As a result, much of Liberia’s governmental systems draw from American models.

While Liberia has, at times, been a leader amongst Western African countries in stability and prosperity, tensions between the new arrivals from American and native African populations have been present over the years. A struggle for reform in the 1990’s resulted in 13 years of Civil War that lasted until 2003. Many Liberians were displaced. A large number resettled in Minnesota.


Peace tree memorial – made of discarded guns


Peacemaker “Ma” Annie Nushann


Site of future CCLL campus


Liberia’s history also includes the election of the first woman president in all of Africa, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. The leadership of women played a significant role in ending the Civil War. CCLL founder, Philip Nushann, was raised during the war period. His mother, Annie Nushann, was one of the key leaders of the Liberian Women’s Movement for Peace. She has been recognized by the United Nations for her work as the founder of the Peace Hut Movement. “Ma Annie” was instrumental in working on a grassroots level in her home county, Bong County, to establish the new campus for Center for Changing Lives.